Our Past

In 2002 we opened All Electric providing industrial, commercial and residential electrical system installation and upgrading in North East Oklahoma, OK. Before that time, we were teaching electronics to electricians for a motor company. We use this in-depth knowledge of both electronics and electricity to deliver expert, quality electrical installation and upgrade services on time and on budget. We have been helping Oklahoma achieve their electrical dreams right here in Oklahoma for over 20 years. We like to say, “We get shocked so you don’t have to.”





Our Present

All Electric is currently helping Okies install their new electrical systems and upgrade their wiring and breaker boxes across Tulsa County & Creek County, OK. Commercial/industrial customers and residential customers across Oklahoma are enjoying better energy flow to all their electronic appliances. There’s no denying that modern businesses and households rely on electricity more than ever. With so many appliances and gadgets and devices, our electricity usage is greater than it’s ever been. You can experience less flickering and less fear of an overload. Having access to a reputable electrical contractor can mean the difference between carrying on with your daily routine, or sitting in the dark.




Our Future

The demand for increased flow of electricity is only going to grow in both homes and businesses as computers and smart devices begin to show up everywhere. Televisions talk to refrigerators these days. Is your electrical system ready to expand with your need? All Electric is excited to grow with you in this new decade. We want to help you to install the latest in energy efficient lighting like LED. Or maybe you need us to wire up your new home theatre. Trust us to make sure that your electrical system can handle these and many other upgrades in the future.

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All Electric is committed to producing the highest quality products, maintaining lasting relationships, providing excellent service and maintaining a safe work environment.

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